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Lolos Lili
Manufacturer: Fun Factory
14.90 EUR 4.90 EUR
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Lolos Lili

... the sensual jewellery love yourself! for breasts! Casual for the day, sporty on the beach and glamorous for an evening out! Place the soft silicone on your most alluring assets for an erotic embellishment. They stay on magically even in water (instead of a bikini) and can used over an over again. An endless game of hide and seek for HER and HIM and their fans! Type: red heart.

- The packaging can also be used as a storage box for your lolos.
- olos do not adhere to areas of the body covered with suntan lotion or other fatty moisturizers - so - always be sure to place - lolos on the desired body part before applying lotions.
- A hypoallergenic coating guarantees that lolos adhere to the body.
- To ensure adhesion strength for multiple uses, lolos should be cleaned using cold water without any cleansers.

Size: 6,8 cm

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